Providing Real Estate Concierge Services for ALL your Homes


We advise our clients on prime residential properties, sales and acquisitions for their real estate portfolios, in the US, London and beyond; directing over one billion in real estate since 1998. With each client, Monarch achieves excellence through bespoke service, expert proficiency in interpreting their individual needs and incredible
attention to details, creating an unparalleled experience and constantly
raising the bar for luxury living. Whether you are looking for a home or an
investment – Dallas Short and Team Monarch can help!

What is a Real Estate Concierge™?

Simply Put . . .
  • We are Your Personal Shopper for Real Estate: We Identify In Advance the Best Properties for You whether you are Selling, Buying or Leasing
  • We Assess the Actual Carrying Cost BEFORE You Invest in Your Next Property
  • We Manage Your Properties ALL over the World for a Simple Retainer Fee
  • Plus take care of the Day-to-Day Management and Concierge Needs for You and Your Homes


Dallas Short has over 18 years of providing a level of service that exemplifies his attention to detail and client centered talents. 

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